Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Creation

Let's do this one more time right now while we are on the subject. This picture is amazing, and I believe that we would have to be a student of astronomy for a long, long time before we could come close to realizing what we are looking at the vast distance and size of this picture and it's contents. Just look at all the numerous galaxies.....not solar systems....but, galaxies!! Read the explanation below and then click on the link beneath the picture to enlarge it, and use your mouse to zoom in on that picture, and the sidebars to move around the picture, and take a closer look. Tape you jaw up, 'cause it will drop as you begin to realize what all you are looking at, and how it is just a small part of God's amazing Creation!

It’s been known for a long time that galaxies are not picky eaters. In fact, they’re cannibals.
Yes, they eat each other. If a little galaxy gets too close to a big one, the gravity of the beefier of the pair will rip the littler one apart, and the contents of the loser get absorbed into the winner. Most big galaxies show evidence of this, and our own Milky Way is eating at least one galaxy right now, and has probably swallowed down dozens before it.

But we’re pikers compared to
NGC 1132, a monster elliptical galaxy over 300 million light years away. In visible light it’s 20% bigger in diameter than the Milky Way, and may outmass our galaxy by a factor of ten! It’s truly gargantuan. This Hubble image reveals the enormous extent of the galaxy, but even that’s only a part of the picture; most of the mass of this galaxy is in hot X-ray emitting gas and invisible dark matter.

Still, there is beauty in this overwhelming visible-light picture. Besides the obvious and pleasing smooth profile of the galaxy itself, there are also thousands of galaxies in the background, making
the high-res original image well worth your time to download and peruse.

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