Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Harmony in God

I was just thinking this morning about how good God is…..about how all things about Him are positive…..and how negativity has no room in Him…..for where there is light…..there is no darkness…..and all things are good in God…..and that is why we want to be “in” Him. And this afternoon….thinking about how the world needs peace and God’s positive existence in life….and what a blessing of light God has given to me in my enjoyment of, and meager talent in, music…..and to the world as well…..and.....well, it makes me wish that all people were musicians…..for I think that the musicians, of all people, are most likely to seek peace and joy for all. For in music, harmony is a necessity….and the desire to “work together” is what makes the song.

Stanley :)

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