Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Now, Bad Later

When you think to do good, tell yourself, “Do it Now”.
When you think to do bad, tell yourself, “Later”.

The first thought comes from experiences in my life of too many times when I know I should have done the “good” that first came into my mind rather than allow fear, hesitation and lack of confidence to take the lead. God is the One who planted that thought of doing good…listen to it…now.

The second thought is really a great help in life. It’s not a way to “plan” to do allows you to not let the thought take over, to push it aside, and quite possibly become uninterested, or even forget it. It’s a low-pressure way of bypassing the bad. It comes from this statement by a Lakota (American Indian), Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani):

“When temptation comes, I don’t say, “Yes” and I don’t say, “No”. I say, “Later”. I just keep walking the Red Road -- down the middle. When you are in the middle, you don’t go to either extreme. You allow both sides to exist.”

Some would say, “this is not good”. I say, “it is wise”. Try it.

Stanley :)

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